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Are you facing challenges on your digital journey? Are you ready to make the transformation to a digital-first organisation? Do you want to make customer-centric more than a slogan on a PowerPoint slide?

Emakina can help you in all these scenarios. We can help you infuse your business with digital know-how. We can help you master the complexity of B2B digital transformation. We can help you create unique value for your customers and business.

With over 1000 digital specialists working across five continents, we collaborate daily to build, accelerate and digitally infuse our clients’ B2B businesses. So they can access the industry expertise and geographic footprint they require, wherever and whenever they need it.

We do this by forming diverse teams, creating real ownership among everyone involved, and defining a clear shared strategy and direction. And all this in days, not weeks or months.

Growth services

We help you turn your digital marketing, commerce and service cost centres into impactful revenue drivers that benefit your bottom line. Whether you’re launching a corporate startup, taking your first steps into e-business, scaling up your presence in B2B commerce or simply want to improve your lead-nurturing and sales programmes, we work as an extension of your team.

In highly competitive B2B markets, tactics will only ever get you so far. That’s where our Acceleration Framework comes in. Discover the power of data-driven decision-making and external and internal value creation to unlock business acceleration and business growth.

Start accelerating

Infusing digital into sales, marketing, products and services is creating new competitive frontiers. In the digital age, companies must navigate continual change and move with increasing speed to grow revenue and protect their market position. They need to become high-velocity enterprises that are agile, connected and optimised.

Working together, Emakina helps organisations accelerate the next wave of digital transformation by providing the best tool and practises possible.

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Let our work do the talking. Check out some of the successful digital transformations we’ve helped our B2B clients achieve over the last 10 years.

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Peer-to-peer learning

Emakina hosts regular peer-to-peer sessions with clients, zooming in on specific topics on their roadmaps. A small group of clients come together at our office to compare challenges around a specific topic. Ahead of the meeting, we ask the attendees to prepare some results or do an analysis so we can do a deep dive during the session. It’s a fast, fun way to infuse years of hard-won experience into your business.

Although the maturity of the client and the size of their teams all differ, we always learn something from each other. It’s not uncommon for a product owner, for example, to face similar organisational or operational challenges to those faced by their counterpart in another company.

We do this by forming diverse teams, creating real ownership among everyone involved, and defining a clear shared strategy and direction. And all this in days, not weeks or months.

All this makes our peer-to-peer programme a proven means to share knowledge and learning:

  • Deep-dive into a different topic each time
  • Peer-to-peer / workshop-based meetings (knowledge sharing)
  • Compare differences
  • Identify identical / comparable feature requests
  • Everyone is welcome as everyone can always learn
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Together we learn where we could improve and optimize.
- Peter Krocka, Project Manager at Emakina

Our services

Through our services, we help our clients discover new possibilities for growth. To reimagine, redesign and reinvent how they do B2B marketing, commerce, sales and service. We do this by partnering with them to infuse, scale and deliver breakthrough services and experiences for their B2B customers.


Our experts

Would you like to know more about who’s on our team? Here they are on camera, sharing their thoughts on current and future digital commerce. PS: they’d much rather meet you in person!


Emakina is the user agency: we firmly believe happy users are the key to growing successful businesses. How do we make users happy? We make their world better by designing and producing effective, original, memorable and useful user experiences that nurture engagement. Because we always think about the interests of the end user, we are able to provide our clients with user equity growth.

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