covid crisis

No more business as usual

It seems COVID changed all. Your traffic may have all but disappeared, clients started to behave differently, your retail outlets under lockdown, stock you can't access, and from one day to the other your team had to start working remotely.

Now that most moved from shock to acceptance, the need for fast change is more apparent than ever before.

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This Crisis is about survival of the fastest

To help you adapt to this new reality fast, Emakina created a Rapid Response Framework, set up a team of its most experienced specialists and defined playbooks for the five most pressing domains. How does this work? Download the deck and check it out.

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Emakina's Playbooks

All playbooks are free for download. Just leave your contact details and we're happy to share.


1. Marketing & sales

- Both marketing and sales results have changed dramatically. The Marketing & Sales playbooks help you identify what you can do now to find traffic, fight the sales drop, increase average order value and sell high interest products online.

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2. Supply

- There is a big change in what people are buying. Adding to that, often stock is hardly accessible because of the lockdown. The Supply playbooks help you tackle logistics issues and get more from Salesforce fast.

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3. Customer service

- Uncertainty creates a huge pressure on customer service. This playbook tells you how to reorganise fast and upscale using available resources, so that you will keep customers coming back.

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- Remote team working can seem scattered, uncontrollable and inefficient. We know from experience that this doesn't need to be the case. If you stick to some simple rules, it can be efficient and effective. In the remote collaboration playbook we share our own tools and templates that help you deliver.

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- This too shall pass. The Emakina future playbook hands you a very structured approach to finding new actionable opportunities that you can start working on now, so you'll be ready when needed.

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Emakina is the user agency: we firmly believe happy users are the key to growing successful businesses. How do we make users happy? We make their world better by designing and producing effective, original, memorable and useful user experiences that nurture engagement.

The 180 experts of Emakina.NL help with business design and transformations as well as designing and building customer centric platforms and ecosystems. Our growth hacking and advertising teams ensure the growth of these digital businesses.

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